USSD Service Provider

Forest’s Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Gateway provides custom made user experience to mobile operators’ subscriber base. The solution can create new revenue streams for mobile operators by enabling the following

Faster Messaging

Real Time Charging

Content Delivery


Banking Services

The USSD Gateway allows mobile subscribers to send USSD messages and to receive information and services from mobile operators, as well as third-party Value Added Services (VAS). USSD messages are session-based, which means real-time connection is established for two-way data exchange. This makes USSD messaging more responsive than SMS messages. Forest’s RESTful HTTP API allows web developers to effortlessly create new USSD applications for the mobile network and VAS partners’ integration. 

“USSD is a menu-driven service and therefore, more engaging and interactive than the traditional SMS. This communication technology also enables faster and more reliable message delivery at a lower cost, making it a preferred mass communication option.”

Reach More Customers with Faster, More Scalable Platform

The USSD Gateway developed by Forest Interactive is a cost-effective and user-friendly platform that enables seamless operation and management for mobile network operators and business owners. It is also time-efficient, providing request automation from the service carrier in a simple and fast way.

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Key Features

Enables easy creation of
menu-based services

Graphical user interface
with predefined components

Full compliance with both Phase 1
& Phase 2 USSD standards

Highly scalable

Simple and easy–to–use

Comprehensive reporting

Forest Interactive USSD Based Services

Key Benefits of USSD Gateway

Advanced Features

Forest Interactive’s USSD Gateway is fully 4G LTE compliant, enabling core-network connectivity between 2G, 3G and IP-based protocols, including GSM phase 1 & 2 standards for push/pull and menu-based services.

Scalable Flexibility

Our USSD Gateway allows quick menu customization and feature enhancement to suit business needs. Its open design enables seamless integration and connection with various platforms supplied by different vendors, providing options for mobile network operators to combine USSD service with other types of mobile services such as text messaging, SMS, mobile banking, etc.


The USSD Gateway developed by Forest Interactive enables two-way communication between subscribers and mobile network operators. It enhances subscriber experience and increases customer engagement through increased choice, seamless service and content discovery, and interactive menu for speed of navigation

Global Accessibility

Forest Interactive’s USSD Gateway provides inbound roamers support, enabling USSD services to be accessed in the same manner by the subscribers while they are roaming in another country. The Home Network subscriber or the inbound roamer can send a USSD message to initiate or maintain an interactive session. This provides familiarity to subscribers, encouraging the use of service regardless of their locations.