Gaming Revenue for Mobile Operators in Africa

Tapping into Opportunities in the Mobile Gaming Market

The expansion of high-speed internet services and mobile technology has fueled  the growing popularity and use of digital platforms in Africa. With more subscribers gaining access to many digital-based activities, Africa’s potential to go digital is being accelerated through gaming, social media consumption, and online shopping.

Explore “The Mobile Gaming Landscape” playbook and find unique insights that will help open up new revenue streams for your business.

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About this Playbook

This playbook is designed to suggest opportunities and help African mobile operators achieve sustainable business growth for 2021 and beyond. Learn about your target audience through infographics, market analysis, consumer insights, and spending habits.

Contents of the Playbook

Insights into the gaming and esports scene of 5 markets in the African region: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa.
Community and consumer insights to help you understand the developing gaming landscape in Africa.
Tips for collaborating and engaging with top influencers in the community.
2020-2025 forecast of the African gaming industry and esports scene.
Important things to consider for digital platform offerings in Africa’s growing mobile market.