Direct Carrier Billing

Forest Direct Carrier Billing is a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) that gives users the best purchasing experience in online and mobile environments. We provide bigger payment coverage than traditional payment methods such as credits cards by charging payment to your mobile phone bill. 

Getting Started

Key Highlights of Direct Carrier Billing

Notification Service

Receive and review real-time notifications of billing events, updates and reports


Customizable look & feel of the payment page

Back Office Service

Retrieve exhaustive and asynchronous information

Un-subscription Service

Change the status of any subscription service from active to inactive at any time

Blacklist Service

Blacklist one or more MSISDN’s or mobile user

Security Signature Feature

Use a signature process inside the HTTP.

How does Direct Carrier Billing work?

The following describes a high-level Direct Carrier Billing purchase flow:

  • STEP – 01 Consumer selects a product to purchase and confirms initial opt-in.
  • STEP – 02 Merchant submits authorization request to Forest Direct Carrier Billing.
  • STEP – 03 Forest Direct Carrier Billing processes authorization request with Operator and returns result to Merchant, including confirmation of funds reservation, if successful.
  • STEP – 04 Merchant returns failure or double opt-in information to Consumers for confirmation.
  • STEP – 05 Merchant submits charge request to Forest Direct Carrier Billing and delivers content.
  • STEP – 06 Forest Direct Carrier Billing processes charge request with the mobile operator and returns the result to Merchant.
  • STEP – 07 Merchant returns purchase confirmation information to Consumer and delivers content if not delivered previously.