Digital Voucher Platform

Forest Interactive’s Digital Voucher Platform (DVP) is a comprehensive one-stop portal for digital vouchers on digital goods for Mobile Operators to generate more ARPU and increase consumer loyalty with fully customizable branding.

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Since smartphones are the most popular device for shoppers to purchase goods and services online, Digital Vouchers are sophisticated marketing tools that drive sales and help in building brand image and customer loyalty.

1.05 billion

People across the world are already mobile voucher users (2019).

*Source: Inmar, Inc.


Smartphone users are highly likely to use digital vouchers in the future.

*Source: Inmar, Inc.

Current Challenges Faced by Mobile Users

Lack of a one-stop platform for voucher purchase

Too many different offers and channel options in the market

Limited categories of vouchers available on each channel

Untrustworthy payment options supported by third party brands create lack of buyer confidence

No reward system offered by other platforms for big spenders

Value of DVP for Mobile Operators

  • Focus on brainstorming new marketing ideas, promotions, and campaigns, while the DVP team handles app development challenges.
  • Strengthen loyalty of existing Mobile Operators’ customer base with engagement.
  • Offer exclusivity that helps decrease the churn rate and attracts new mobile subscribers.
  • DVP team will resolve issues promptly – Mobile Operator needs to only direct consumer feedback to the DVP team.

Value of DVP for Mobile Subscribers

  • One-stop service that simplifies voucher purchases and provides convenience to customers
  • Less verification steps needed when compared to voucher portals owned by third party brands.
  • Available loyalty points can be used to redeem phone credits due to app exclusivity

Key Features

Reward Points System

Loyalty points are gained from every transaction, with the capability to tie up with Mobile Operator’s existing reward points system.

Customized Local Events Promo

Timely manner customization to align with local events.

Real-Time Updates

Immediate notification on currency fluctuation, stock availability, supplier’s server issue, and pricing update during a promotion.

Fully Customizable Contents and themes

Flexible product and promotion customization


Tournaments and Community Building through gamification


Payments and transactions use PIN verification and all data communications are secured with DigiCert SSL.

User-Friendly Interface

A clear flow of user for users with a short and direct journey.

Community Features

Effective user engagement platform with special privileges and rewards features.

Automated Analytics Support for Mobile Operators

Web analytics tools collect, analyze, and report all activities that happens on DVP for performance and revenue report generation to measure and predict future growth.

Refine your product catalog

Perform A/B testing and other marketing experiments

Measure the success of your omnichannel marketing campaigns

Understand consumer behavior, preferences, and purchase process

Identify customer pain points

Our Product Offering

These initial product vouchers will be offered to Mobile Operators

*Our initial product offerings are territorially dependent.

DVP as a White Label Solution

Forest Interactive offers a White Label solution for gamification features to achieve better results for Mobile Operator’s business by engaging with the Digital Voucher Platform.

Increased Loyalty

Higher trust level from Mobile Users compared to other 3rd party portals. Hence, Life-Time-Value (LTV) is significantly higher.

Quick & Easy to Deploy with Fully Customizable Branding

DVP offers ready-made and fully-tailored solutions based on the Mobile Operator’s preference.

Ready-to-Use Platform

The platform undergoes revisions and tests. If something goes wrong with the platform, the DVP team takes full responsibility for fixing it.

Cost & Time-Efficient

By using an already-polished platform, Mobile Operator gets to save up budgets on R&D, with a minimum amount of CAPEX needed for technology development.