Digital Service Delivery Platform

Forest Interactive’s Digital Service Delivery Platform (DSDP) provides Platform as a Service (Paas) for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) or Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to manage Content Providers (CP) with a single administrative platform, simplified service integration and efficient on-boarding process. DSDP is equipped with customizable features according to both MNOs and MVNOs business requirements.

Getting Started

Current challenges faced by Mobile Operators

We see each project as a new challenge and with our solution and innovation we have overcome all barriers.

  1. High Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
  2. Growing amount of request for refunds (Manual processes/scattered data)
  3. Manual paperwork for approval
  4. Unable to automate analytics for service reporting
  5. Time-consuming troubleshooting processes


Forest Interactive provides a full package of infrastructure and hardware, backed by a Single Integrated Platform for the Telco’s management of all Content Partners as well as deploying related mobile Value-Added-Services.

An All-in-One
Platform Solution

Single Point of

Fast Upgrade

Key Highlights of DSDP

Analytics Report

Generate performance and revenue reports to measure and predict future growth.

Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS)

Provides Mobile value-added services such as data stewards, government SMS helpline, direct operator billing (DOB), telco branded services, USSD, MMS, WAP, OTT and streaming services.

Management Features

Content frequency capping based on daily, weekly or monthly triggers, document management and business requirement.

24/7 Customer

Our team is available around the clock to assist you. We also provide integration to Telco’s refund API for fast refund processing time from Telco or Content Provider’s Customer Service.

Data Integration

Allows for remediation, standardization, verification, monitoring, alerts, reporting and enhanced collaboration between functions.

Focus on
Innovation and Customers

Outsourced service monitoring, personalized services, new value creation capabilities – we implement new deployments based on market trends and updated technology.

Full Security

Protected by Cloudflare for better AOC page. Covered by fraud management to ensure both mobile operator and customer are protected from unwanted transactions such as fraud traffic, auto subscription or charging.

Automation Features

VSDB database for subscription service registration automation. It also includes an embedded smart MO detection mechanism and an auto-removal of MSISDN from API level.

Value for Mobile Operators

Provides accurate data analysis for Telco’s to strategize future plans 

Automates the manual and time-consuming processes of MVAS businesses 

Full compliance with local regulations and industry standards

Reduces complaints with fast response time from automated refund API (less than 1 week)

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